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Keyword Research

If you are at all interested in getting more people to see whatever it is you’re putting on the net, you have to know about Keywords and how they work. If you’ve spent time in the blogosphere you are probably amazed by the number of people there are out there who complain about not being able to make money on the net or not getting their stuff higher on hit lists. But if you read between the lines of what they are saying it becomes obvious they don’t have any understanding of keywords at all. There is a new field of study out there — Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — focused on techniques that will yield effective placement on hit lists. In earlier times Webmasters figured out that by loading up a webpage with Keywords they could force a higher placement but the Search Engines like Google and Yahoo caught on and are now constantly changing the technology they use to produce their hit lists to minimize cramming and take other things into account. But Keywords remain as a major driving force behind internet profit.

What is a Keyword?
A “Keyword” can be broadly defined as whatever an Internet user enters into a Search Engine to get a result. As such, a “Keyword” can actually be a phrase and using phrases has become more common as the Internet has gained in popularity. Time was when entering “dog training Miami” into a search engine would produce a manageable hit list, but no more. Users are getting more specific with their search terms. Today users are more likely to enter “training a German Shepherd to fetch” into the engine. Okay, you have an ecommerce site offering a variety of dog training products. How do you use Keyword Research to generate more traffic to your site? To get you in position to deal with that question, you first need to know a little about the laws of supply and demand as they relate to Internet Marketing.

Keywords: Supply and Demand
Internet Users provide the demand, Internet Websites provide the supply for adrafinil uses. A “hot” keyword — and remember this can be a phrase — is one for which there are more requests from users than there are sites that contain the keyword. To make it simple, you can come up with a great keyword but if it’s already appearing in thousands and thousands of sites, the competition for the demand from users can make the keyword almost useless. Finding keywords with high demand — lots of users entering the keyword — and low supply — not that many websites containing the keyword — will give you maximum impact.

Getting Started with Keyword Research
Given the size and complexity of the Internet world today it is simply not realistic to think you’re going to be able to do much of anything here without help. So where do you go? Enter “Keyword Research” into your favorite search engine and dig through the hits. You’re looking for software programs that do Keyword Research for you. There are free versions out there, but, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The major problem with most free versions is they do not give you any supply information on how to buy youtube views. WordTracker is a popular Keyword Research program and its free version will give you up to 100 of the most frequently used keywords for a given category, but nothing about supply. And remember, the best keyword in the world may not help if too many Websites already use it.

There are some experts out there who will tell you to start using Google Adware’s Keyword Tool as a starting point. This is good advice since Google has more than 70% of the Internet Search Market, but this tool does not give supply information. Use it as a vehicle to get you into the game, but ultimately you should think about exploring the paid versions of Keyword Research software that will provide both demand and supply information. Good luck in your Keyword Research!

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