Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A well optimised website will bring more customers to your website.

‘Organic’ visitors cost you nothing, so the more you can entice to the website the better! Great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) depends on a number of things, all of which we consider when building a website. We can also take an existing website and improve it’s SEO by considering the following things.


The website needs to be fully optimised for the web – something we take very seriously and will be integral part of how the website is built. A well optimised website should perform well in the Google organic search results. See image above.


You need to consider your keywords and key phrases, the words that people will type into Google when searching for your products. These words need to be worked into your product names, product descriptions, page titles, links, etc. We do this based on the brands, products and services you offer.

Inbound links

The more people that link to your website from their website, the higher your website will appear in the organic search results. You should add your website to other sites at any opportunity (local business directories, find a stockist listings on supplier website’s, swapping links with local businesses etc)

TIME: As a general rule, the longer your website has been active, the better it should perform in the search results.


The more competitive your market sector the more difficult it is for your website to appear high in the search listings.